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Child Protection

Child Protection has become one of the major issues for many Countries but for Country like India where the population is very high, which stands as the second largest highly populated Country in the World, the Child Protection is the biggest issue. Children are the easiest target for many criminals and illegal activist to get their modus operandi of their wrong activities. As children are small and nobody doubts them that they can get any crime or wrong things done through these children easily. The are many purposes for which these criminals use children in the name of work as their parents cannot feed their children due to poverty, these children either been sent to work form them or been sold off to the Criminals.

When we talk about Child Protection, the main purpose is not only Child Labour but cases like kidnapping and selling children to parties who deal with organ smuggling, beggar’s racket, if girls then to prostitution and for many different purposes these children get taken.

Sometimes we rescue children from their parents only or step mother or father who harasses and torture them to death. These kind of scenarios put us in even more shocking to see children facing terror from their families only.

What are the Challenges we have to deal with?

In case of child labour it gives time to plan and work to get these child labour out of the hand of the criminals but in case of Kidnapping we face the biggest challenge as we come to know about an incident post it takes place as usual (as similar as anywhere in the world) but due to the high population and big & fast operating racket, it becomes even more worse to take any action immediately.

Our actions sometimes fail due to lack of resources like funds, people, network, support from local / government authorities / cops or could be reasons like less information which break downs our Teams heart and the victims’ families strength too. We feel as we lost when we be unable to save a child from such monstrous act or racket.

We get life threat to while dealing with these kind of Criminals and Rackets as these organizations or people would be fully funded and supported with big network.

What are our steps towards Child Protection?

We Parivartan Sewa Sansthan stand strongly and firmly with an expert team to take immediate action whenever we get any rescue call to save a child from criminals or racket. We also work with the local authorities to do counselling of children who are a victim of one or the other problem.

Below is the list of categories towards the Child Protection Plan:

  • Rescuing Children from Domestic abuse and Violence
  • Rescuing Children from Child Labour
  • Rescuing Young Girls below the age of 18 who forcibly get married for money
  • Rescuing Children from Drug Rackets who especially target school going Children
  • Rescuing Children from Vulnerable Health Conditions due to poverty
  • Rescuing young girls from prostitution racket
  • Rescuing Children from human trafficking racket

We as a NGO have to face many life threats but we don’t step back because we have dedicated our life with this commitment only that if we have to lose our life during any operations like this we will but WE WILL PROTECT A CHILD.