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Hygiene and Environment

Hygiene and Hygienic Environment is again a Major issue in our Country India. Due to huge population which comes under below poverty level and their biggest challenge is to stay alive rather than staying hygienic or healthy.

India has major % of people who are under poverty level stay in slum areas where the surroundings are generally been used for garbage dumping or sewage or industrial wastage disposal areas. These places are not only toxic for environment but also for health of poor people. For poor people it’s not possible to stay in a place which is tidy as he cannot afford it so willingly or unwillingly they have to stay in places like this.

As the population is growing at a rapid speed vice versa the poverty level, the option for having healthy and hygienic life is becoming a not possible kind of a scenario. This is not only for Poor People but if we see on a longer run where the trees are cutting down and the imbalance of nature is happening, the Hygiene and Hygienic Environment problem will be a big problem for every survivor on our planet.

What are the challenges we face?

Parivartan Sewa Sansthan faces problems like educating the slum area people to know the value of being healthy and its benefits as these people are very poor and for them more than being hygienic and healthy their biggest worry is to get food. Due to poverty hunger is killing millions of people who are least bothered about good health and environment.

Post pandemic of 2019 we have seen more cases of hospitalization / death more than COVID happened due to diseases spread out in these regions because of unhygienic surroundings and environment and secondly due to hunger.

What Parivartan Sewa is doing towards Hygiene & Hygienic Environment?
Parivartan Sewa Sansthan is mostly provides its service to people who are in remote areas or in regions which are slum areas. These slum areas are very unhygienic and surrounded with unhealthy environment.

We do provide services like:

  • Sewage Planning & Installation
  • Lavatory Constructions
  • Moving people from waste / garbage disposal areas
  • Providing them good water facility
  • Providing washed and clean dresses
  • Cleaning of sewages
  • Educating people about value of staying hygienic
  • Helping people to keep themselves and their surroundings hygienic
  • Making Environment of their living place good
  • Plantation of trees and plants

Keeping the environment of slum areas hygienic and healthy is one of the biggest challenges as it’s the responsibility of the local authority too but as they don’t bother about it we have taken this challenge and trying our level best to bring people from non-liveable areas and HELPING THEM TO STAY IN HYGIENIC AND HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT.