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Poverty and Inclusion

Poverty is one of the major causes for many problems which the society is facing. Due to social inclusion the poverty level has increased even more. India with a population of 1.4 billion out of which around 38 % of people are either under poverty level. There are many reasons for the increase in the poverty % over a decade. Poverty is about not having enough money to meet basic needs including food, clothing and shelter in fact the best way to describe poverty is – “Poverty is Hunger”.

Poverty is killing the dreams of young children. Due to poverty parents are unable to provide the basic necessities of life like food and education for their children to grow physically and mentally. The left on fate attitude of parents towards their children is increasing in the society which is below the poverty level more than before.

Due to the increase in population and discrimination in the society due to caste or status the poverty and inclusion level % are increasing every day. There is poverty not only in the life of people but poverty is in the minds of people too.

What are the challenges we face?

The challenges which we Parivartan Sewa Sansthan faces while dealing with poverty and inclusion is various forms are like life threats, financial crunch, making the poor to understand the importance of changing their lives by educating or working better.

Post COVID -19 the increase in poverty level % has increased a lot. Rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer and the gap between both the levels have been increasing day by day.

Working under unhygienic conditions to help poor people in their locality has brought many of our Team member’s health too at risk.

How Parivartan Sewa Sansthan is helping people below poverty line?

Parivartan Sewa Sansthan working towards uplifting people who are below the poverty line by providing free different services or facilities which help them to overcome poverty and live a good live.

We provide services like:

  • Free Education – To make the Children of poor people to change their life
  • Fee Health Facilities – To overcome health issues and start working to care of them and their families.
  • Fee Skill Development Program – Many poor young people are getting benefitted with this program as they get guidance for their career and to be independent on their life. This has brought a great change in the life of their families too.
  • Free Groceries – Providing Monthly required food supplements / groceries to poor people who cannot afford even food on their own due to the reasons like they might have lost the head / earning member of the family or the earning members are ill and cannot work which put the lives of wife and children at stake.

Poverty elimination is may not be a possible thing to be done but raising a percentage of people whomsoever we can and they helping other will definitely reduce the poverty level or will show no poverty at all if we start helping each other.

While doing our services for the poor people we face many challenges from outsiders and illegal entities as they feed on these poor people and sometimes brings risk to our lives too but we have come out with a vision to do something for the society keeping our lives at stake. One thing we know for sure that whatever challenges we may get during our services but WE WILL KEEP FIGHTING AGAINST POVERTY & INCLUSION.