Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world and the most effective way to break out of the cycle of poverty. These unprivileged children who cannot pursue their education due to their poverty are not only deprived of their right to receive an education but they lose their childhood to earn bread for a living.

India is a place where due to the huge population where the majority of people come under below poverty level. There are many reasons that keep the poverty level high in which one of the factors is the lack of opportunity for employment with ratio to the growing population.

What are the Challenges?

In India the biggest challenge is to change the mentality of people to change their Children’s Life by sending their children to schools where we are providing free education. As these parents themselves are not educated, they don’t know the value of education. Because of their poor knowledge and in fact desire to change their Children’s life is not there as they leave everything to fate. It becomes very difficult to make them understand and get their Children to go to School.

How our NGO is working towards Children’s Education?

Parivartan Sewa Sansthan is working towards educating the poor children who go to work daily for their bread and butter. It is very difficult for their families to get convinced to send their Children to schools as they cannot feed them if their children are not working. So, we only provide them food, dress, health related supplies, books and regular counselling to the kids so that they should study hard and work towards making their career better with our Support.

We go to all remote areas or in places where we find these kind of child labours activities going on or to slum areas where they send their kids for household works and take time which would not be lesser than taking an appointment with their parents and then have to do regular sessions to make them understand that whatever we are trying to do is to help them to get a better life for their Children and for them too.

We face many threating calls and messages and sometimes direct attack from the Companies / Industries where these child labour activities gets carried out. For these Companies / Industries, children are very cheap labours and don’t have to worry about their safety or any other life related measures as these would be ignorant labours.

We know that we have a huge challenge to take on and we need to keep doing what we are doing even though knowing life threating risks, but we are very much sure for one thing that we will bring the change in lives of Children whom so ever or how much ever we can and would love to see the happiest smile on their face for getting a better life.

For this Great Service Vision which we have started and doing with a Great Passion, We know one thing for sure that – WE WILL NOT STOP.