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Founder’s Message

Dear All,

I am very glad to introduce our NGO “Parivartan Sewa Sansthan”, Indian non-profit based Organization. On behalf of our Orngazation Parivartan Sewa Sansthan, I welcome you all.

As you all might have come to know already from my Biography that I have seen days without food and grew up with no proper education. I had struggle a lot to grow and stand on my own. Whenever I remember those days where I used to think - If someone could help me or support me... still brings tears in my eyes.

As we say Everything happens for good or a reason, today I feel that my painful days in my childhood is a BIG reason for me to start this NGO - Parivartan Sewa Sansthan (Changing Lives Services Organization). I see myself in many young Children, women, patients, unprivileged people and can name many if I have to keep listing people in whom I see myself. I feel their pain, can see their tears and their cry for someone to help them which makes me to work even more harder and to do whatever I can to my level best for the people who are in need.

Our main goal is not just to give them basic needs and to feed them but to empower the children, women, youth, poor, unemployed people, child labours etc to stand on their own in their live for which we provide education, skill development program, livelyhood programs and many more so that they can live in the Society with pride and honor.

I feel much privileged to support people whomsoever I can and to bring more happiness (A Big Smile on their face) and TO BE A BLESSING TO MANY.

I thank all our supporters and volunteers who always remember us, support us with whatever way they can and helping us to keep doing our unconditional services towards the unprivileged people. I also request to all who view this message join us as Volunteers or Supporters - to be a part of our Organization Parivartan Sewa Sansthan and let us together be a Blessing to Many and to be Blessed too.

Thank you again to all the Guardian Angels who are a part of Our NGO with A Great Mission of Changing Lives - Parivartan Sewa Sansthan.

Best Wishes & Regards
Paras Ram Bhatiya