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Women Empowerment

Women’s empowerment can be defined to promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others. It’s a fundamental human right that’s also a key to achieving a more peaceful, prosperous world. Women are the backbone of any family, society or nation. Equally when men and women grow together without any gender bias then we will see a stronger society with gender equality.

Women have always played a great role in every field / industry. We have seen even women taking big responsibilities and running many successful organizations or nations. Empowering or Giving opportunity to put their knowledge or skills for doing something on their own is the greatest support what we can give to Women.

What are the Challenges we face?

In India, in many regions still have the mentality that women are meant or born only to take care of household things. Even due to lack of education or support too women get adjusted with the circumstances as they can’t stand on their own and have to rely either or their parents or spouse for everything especially for food and shelter. These women get oppressed by male of their families and get ill-treated throughout their life.

Educating or empowering women in many regions or communities is still is a crime or against their family honor or society guidelines. Due to this dependency of Women on Male Members of their families there comes lot of domestic violence. We get reports of domestic violence or to rescue them from their families very often. The most shocking fact is that we get the rescue / emergency calls to save them from educated families’ women too, who get abused or become a victim of Domestic Violence.

What we Parivartan Sewa Team does for Women Empowerment?

We Parivartan Sewa Sansthan Team always be ready for making the path for Women who want to learn, grow or stand on their own. We have helped many women till date who are now taking care of themselves and their families.

We empower women who:

  • Are from communities / regions where they be in bondage and suffer
  • Are from families where they got abused or victim of domestic violence
  • Are young and want to study and stand on their own
  • Have been deceived and brought to regions in the name of job or any other and been sold off in the prostitution racket or
  • Educated but not have enough support to get a Job / Opportunity to grow in their career


When we do whatever we can for the women and change not only their life but their families condition too, we feel very privileged and satisfied but giving a great career and support to a woman who had no one to stand on her own and feel independent and GREAT.